Why Choose Raw Feeding?

Wellness Through Nutrition

Why Choose Raw Feeding?

Many years ago, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, renowned veterinarian of the "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" diet ( or B.A.R.F). studied the anatomy, physiology and behaviour of cats and dogs, thus providing clues as to what food best serves their nutritional needs for our pets. It was discovered that through natural or "raw" feeding cats and dogs became healthier.

In addition, he observed that pets that were switched to a raw diet thrived on the food and in many cases, chronic health conditions such as hair loss, dental decay, diarrhea, diabetes, and even joint problems were halted and reversed. 

Dogs and cats are considered carnivores with distinct anatomical and physiological systems. They are genetically designed to derive nutrition from consuming other animals and small amounts of nutritious plants. Feeding a grain based diet can lead to complications, including malnutrition. Ideally, dogs should be fed a diet of at least 70% meat, and cats over 85% meat. This is the basis for our fresh-to-frozen products— an excellent holistic addition to your pet’s dietary needs, providing improved digestion and nutrient absorption.

In using human grade ingredients exclusively, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality; as well we source our ingredients whenever possible from Canada! (Our lamb comes from New Zealand), from the fruits and vegetables in our complete diets to our meat choices we believe in supporting our local farmers. 

Healthy Paws also believes that dogs and cats are carnivores, and meant to eat raw meat rather than grain based diets that are found in many kibble and canned wet pet foods. We believe that complete nutrition delivered through human grade proteins, bones, organs with elements from certain vegetables and fruits are a superior diet to that found in highly processed foods.

Healthy Paws Inc. has become one of the leading manufacturers of raw "fresh-to-frozen" products to the Canadian pet food industry for the past five years. Our products are all top quality, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free. Our ingredients do not include grain, corn, preservatives, additives, colouring or flavouring, providing your customers with only what they need: Nutrition. In fact, our philosophy "Wellness though Nutrition" is based on the principles of the biologically appropriate diet created by renowned veterinarian Dr, Ian Billinghurst discussed above.