Switching from Kibble to Raw

Wellness Through Nutrition

Transitioning Your Pet

For most pets, the transition from a cooked diet to a raw diet is easy. Expect some changes in their stools, as their gut cleanses itself of the waste left from a processed, grain-based diet. This may first appear as a mucous covered stool but will be replaced by a much smaller, firmer stool. Other advantages are, less to ‘pick up’ and a reduction in your pet’s flatulence.

From our experience, we suggest an immediate and total switch; however if you are more comfortable, a gradual transition is an option. If your pet is having no issues with the transition, accelerate this process at any time. We recommend beginning with a light protein, such as chicken, then rotating with darker meats, such as beef, in subsequent weeks.

Handling the Food

Our food contains fresh, raw ingredients and should be treated in the same way as raw meat for your own use. Do not leave the food out at room temperature for more than a few hours. Ideally, defrost the frozen product overnight in the refrigerator. Do not heat the product as it may contain raw bone which, when heated, can become brittle and sharp. Clean all utensils, working surfaces and your pet’s feeding dishes after each use in order to eliminate the risk of bacteria that is associated with raw meat.