Our Products

Our products are made with fresh,
human grade-ingredients and frozen
to preserve the natural nutrition.

Contains no additives or preservatives.

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Our Products

Big Box Complete Diet

Big Box Dinners offer 16lbs of meat, bone and organ mixed with a fibre-rich green vegetable blend, cold water fish oil and Atlantic kelp in a chunky grind.

3 Protein Options | 16 x 1lbs Patties

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Canine Complete Diet

The Canine Complete Diet is the recommended feeding option for medium to large-sized dogs, who prefer a greater variety of proteins.

7 Protein Options | 12 x 8oz Patties

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Small Canine Complete Diet

Our Small Canine Complete Diet is formulated for dogs under 20lbs. Each meal is double ground to create a fine texture and offered in a broad range of proteins

10 Protein Options | 12 x 100g Patties

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