COVID-19 Update

We have all been greatly affected by events caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. The ongoing steps taken by our various levels of political and public health leadership have been critical in our collective attempts to slow and eventually end this outbreak. However, as a result we have all had to face challenges with maintaining the health and safety of our families and with those of us who share our homes with beloved pets, this has brought unique challenges. 

As we have collectively gained ground against the viral outbreak,  our retail partners have been allowed to re-open their doors to the public, with prudent safeguards in place to ensure we all remain safe. We are grateful for the ongoing dedicated efforts of all the staff at retail stores that are doing their best to continue to serve the needs of pet owners. 

We have also directly received numerous contacts from concerned consumers regarding the supply chain and their ability to directly access our raw food for their pets. They have asked us for options in addition to the new rules in place at retail locations. To answer that need we decided to allow the public to directly purchase from our manufacturing facility in Toronto. 

To enable this option and to ensure that we are also working within the social distancing guidelines, we have relaunched our website which allows consumers the option to purchase orders on line and to schedule times for pickups at our location. We understand that this will really only address the needs of the people in the GTA area but we hope that this will bring some relief to large numbers of consumers who purchase raw food for their dogs and cats. 

The website will allow you to place orders for our Healthy Paws frozen meals and to process payment prior to arriving at our facility. You will receive confirmation back from us that your order is ready and we will provide you with time options for pick up.  Once you arrive at our facility, please contact us by phone or email and we will bring the product out to you and place it in the car.  You will not need to come into contact with our employees, who will be wearing masks and gloves, and you will have already received your receipt electronically. We feel that this will be a very safe and organised way in which to hand off the products to you.  Obviously as the product is frozen, you should plan on returning home within the hour to place it in your home freezer. 

No doubt we will refine this process as we go along but we do hope that this compliments the efforts of our retail partners and helps relieve the stress of many pet owners.